Bridge Flood Camera Network

NOTICE: When viewing Council’s Flood Camera network please be aware that their functionality has unfortunately been impacted by the length of the severe weather event as well as Telstra Mobile Network connectivity and may impact on bridge images being published on the council website. Council is working with service providers to address the matter. 

Please ensure you review the time stamp on images to assess if these reflect current conditions.

To enhance our community’s preparedness for disaster events, Council has installed a network of four Bridge Flood Cameras across our Shire to provide our community with real-time information and warnings by monitoring river levels and flood impacts on local bridges.

During normal conditions bridge camera images will be updated every 30 minutes and each image is time and date stamped, within the black footer in the bottom right hand side of the image, to identify when the image was taken.

Flood Camera Network

Lavenders Bridge - Bridge Street, Bellingen

Lean's Bridge - Darkwood Road, Thora

Moodys Bridge - Kalang Road, Kalang

Spicketts Bridge - Bowraville Road, Brierfield 

Please note, Lavenders Bridge, Moodys Bridge and Spicketts Bridge all have water level sensors that trigger a first alarm when the river levels rise to 300mm below the road deck so Council work crews can install CAUTION signage to alert road users. A second alarm is also triggered when river levels rise to the road deck so Council work crews can erect ROAD CLOSED signage.

Leans Bridge also has a water level sensor that triggers a first alarm when the river level rises to 300mm below the road deck and the onsite electronic flood signage is automatically updated to CAUTION status at the first alarm and ROAD CLOSED status at the second alarm, which is triggered when river level rises to the road deck.

Flood Camera Disclaimer

The images on this page are provided from an automated system. There is no validation of this information. It is the responsibility of the internet user to make their own decision about the currency, accuracy and completeness of the information on this web page and the images. Bellingen Shire Council accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred as a result of this information or its use in any way.