Request for Proposal: Creation of Food Resilience Vision and Plan

Submissions closed on 25 June 2021, 05:00 PM


Passionate about Food Resilience? Know someone else who is?

Want to lead an exciting activity to help decide what our community priorities are in this space, working closely with all facets of our community? Council is seeking requests for proposals to Create a Food Resilience Vision and 10 year Incremental Plan for the Bellingen Shire. For full details, download the attached RFP and relevant terms and conditions (see links to the right on this page). If you know someone interested - do send them a link to this page.

Proposals must be submitted no later than the 25 June 2021. Enquires must be made no later than midday on 11th June 2021 - so take a look ASAP if you are keen!

You don't want to lead this project - but would loved to be engaged during the process to share your views/ideas? Please let us know by making a comment in our guestbook below!